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dealership car transportAs an auto dealer you know that sometimes the difference between deal or no deal can be just a few dollars. You also know that the difference between a happy customer and an upset customer can come down to simply how quick you can get them a car. In the past you may have experienced the time consuming hassle of getting rates from many different companies or even attempting to move the cars yourself. This is where Orange Auto Transport dedicated Dealer Auto Transport Team can go to work for you. We work for you so that you can free up your time to do what you do best-SELL CARS. In turn the Orange Team can do what we do best-MOVE CARS. The Orange Team offers special programs to dealers and dealerships to guarantee that you are receiving the lowest possible rate to move your cars. We also takes special care to pick up and deliver your cars, trucks and motorcycles in a fast and timely manner. Whether you desire to ship your car, truck or motorcycle in an enclosed or open carrier we have customized options for you as a dealer.


  • Special pricing just for dealers to guarantee pay bottom market rate-call right now to find out more!
  • Fully Licensed bonded and Insured
  • Multi-car shipping discounts
  • 1 point of contact that you can reach 24/7-they will work for you

If you are a small dealer or run many dealerships we have customized auto transport solutions for you. Call us today and we will show you how we can increase your service and your bottomline.

Frequently Asked Questions

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