Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping


When shipping your car, truck, motorcycle or van it is important to understand the type of equipment your vehicle will be transported on and the equipment shipping options available to you. Most commonly the two options one has when looking to ship a vehicle is:

OPEN car carrier

ENCLOSED car carrier

Orange Auto Transport as experts in the auto transport business likes to educate our customers on their options to help them make the best and most informed decision for shipping cars.


open car carrier

The majority of cars shipped nationwide are shipped on what is called an Open car carrier. Open car carrier is a great pick for most vehicles. Consider that most brand new vehicles being shipped from factory to dealerships is shipped on an open transport carrier. So while you may worry about damage to your car in transit being in an open environment it is no different than what would encounter going down the road. Rain, snow, bugs and dust may leave your car needing a wash at the end of the journey, but no damage. Orange Auto Transport works with their open transport carriers to make sure that all vehicles being hauled are neatly strapped and secured so that you can have peace of mind knowing your car, truck, van or motorcycle is safely being moved by professionals.


enclosed carrier

Enclosed car carriers are the best way to haul your vehicle if you want to keep them out of the elements and avoid chance of any road damage. The cars hauled in an enclosed trailer are housed neatly in a closed trailer. Cars that are hauled this way are generally classic or customer cars, motorcycles, trucks or vans. You can be confident that when you choose Orange Auto Transport enclosed transport service that your car is safe and sound from the elements and the road.

No matter which mode of transport is best for you and your car you can be confident in Orange Auto Transport. Orange Auto will get the move done for you on time and on budget. As experts in open and enclosed transport, Orange Auto Transport is here to help you and answer all your questions. Call us today 1-800-292-4588

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